Vector poster and cover books.


Vector poster and cover books.


About Me

"vectorial addicted"

I am a self-taught illustrator.
After a long time like graphic, I went to live two years in Amazonia. Upon my return in France, I gave life to my second passion after drawing, games. So I opened a games store. I had three years to find my way back to the graphic work and co-creating board games and card games such as "Phantom" or "Maswana." Present days, I make illustrations for games and I'm involved in their creation as much as possible, while preparing a book and making to more personal works.
If you need of me, contact me. It's always a pleasure to draw.

All my works are made with "Adobe Illustrator", exclusively in vector.

Software used:

Illustrator CS3 only


(My work doesn't be copied or used without my express agreement. They are protected by the copyright law and it's prohibit to appropriate full or piece of my art.
All right exclusive -- Morlock Corp.

Thanks for your comprehension.)
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